Gehao, good intentions of bending machine
GH-1640NT Upper drive CNC bending machine
Technical Parameters
project GH-1640NT参数
Nominal pressure 1600KN
Workbench length 4000mm
distance between column 3100mm
Slider stroke  200mm
Open height 500mm
throat depth 400mm
Numerical control axis number  Y1、Y2、X、R、V 4 +1
Main motor power 11Kw
Running speed of slider Fast down  150mm/s
work 10mm/s 
Return trip  130mm/s
Rear gear X axis Trip  550mm
Maximum running speed  300mm/s
Repeatable positioning accuracy  ≤0.05mm
Rear gear R axis Trip  150mm
 最大运行速度 150mm/s 
Maximum running speed ≤0.05mm
Machine shape size long 4580mm
wide 1780mm
high 2930mm
Machine tool weight (about) 12000Kg
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