Gehao, good intentions of bending machine
Stable and durable: all imported servo motors are used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the machine, and durable.
High precision and high life: The wire rod Guides are imported from Taiwan C5 grade products, high precision, excellent performance, long service life. After the precision of the 0.01mm.
Energy saving and environmental protection: the full servo motor, only in the pressurized power, and according to the workpiece size and thickness of automatic regulation of electricity, wire rod drive, no hydraulic oil.

Item/Model GH-4013NT
Cacpcith KN 400
Bending length mm 1300
Stroke mm 150
Table width mm 420
Approach speed mm/s 300
Beeding speed mm/s 0.2-50
Return speed mm/s 300
Back gaugestroke mm 500
power requirement KW 18
Mass of machine T 3.8
Code Item 尺寸(mm)
A Installation Width 1300
B Depth 1050
C Overall height 2200
D Installation width 1000
E Frame gap 200
F open height 370
G Distance between Loeer and upper table 240
H Upper tableheight 880
I Distance between frame 880
J Overall height 2400
K Controller height 1000
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